Digital Marketing

A majority of online traffic is search engine generated. We make use of ingenious SEO techniques to provide a full spectrum of SEO services, integrated with other digital channels and intelligent analytics and reporting. We offer customized solutions to improve your site’s visibility while focusing on obtaining the optimum organic search results for your website. We monitor the rankings of your website continuously and cause an improvement in results through the adjustment of your SEO strategy, by taking into consideration the Indian market trends.

We aim to get highest conversions for your website and in turn maximize PPC returns. Integrating SEM strategies, Youtube adverts as well as email marketing are some of the other tools we use to ensure utmost traffic is diverted to your website.  

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization or SEO is an organic way to get your website feature higher in the search engine results. We will write the content in house, research on the keywords related to your product. A wise technical expertise can do wonders to your SEO marketing and we’re here for that.

Search Engine Marketing

This is a great way to list your business above the organic search results. Hence, your product or service flashes above the search results and are noticed better. At Techleela we employ the best tools to track popular keywords, make sure your ads rank higher in the searches and let users discover you.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most valuable tool to attract prospects & transform prospect into customers. We help our client to sustain brand loyalty, provide valuable information to customers & create goodwill in the market.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way to push your message through emails thus prompting purchase, enhancing brand awareness, opt for subscription or any other way email marketing can benefit your product or service. We use tools to send emails, track their effectiveness, and submit reports so you know where your money went.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is the most advance tool of Google to track down the traffic from website & gives you business growth vision in the form of insight.